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The German has grown strongly over the past 2 years, and the trend keeps on for 2012. Over the past year the mergers and acquisition market in Germany has picked up significantly behind the strong growth and good business results. It is expected, that the mergers activity in Germany will even increase in 2012, given the strong economic position of a lot of companies, and the will to further strengthen the core and to expand for the future.

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The key for preserving the value of the acquired business lies in a good post merger integration. In the past, this area had no big focus from the acquiring companies, which led to failures in the acquisition and destroying of value. A professional change management consultancy like the German Schultz & Partner Unternehmensberatung (Hamburg) will help here to manage the post merger project, get the cultural change process going and establish the right projects to get make the post merger phase successful. Strong analytical and strategic competences combined which the operational knowledge of how companies work inside, help to really create a successful merger and manage the cultural change management to the best. Schultz & Partner is one of the German leaders in cultural change and post merger projects.

Ideally, the thoughts about the post merger integration start well in advance in the merger period. It is important to already start in the due diligence with organizational due diligence and cultural due diligence work, which often is forgotten, or de-priorised. Adding a strong consulting partner like Schultz & Partner already in the early process helps to steer the project into the right direction, and enables the company to act from day one on into the post merger integration.

Schultz & Partner as one of the specialists in this field have proven over the past years that this excellence can be provided best by a third party consultancy that manages the project and the cultural change for the acquiring company. The partners are focused and experienced on this topic to help leading the change.

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